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Nature opens up to you!

Park and view is a community of landowners (mainly farmers), and nature lovers. The principle is to be able to rent sites in the private domain, for its exclusive use.

Our main value is freedom. We arrive and leave when we want, without any compulsory contact. If by default, no service or equipment are required, some of our ads offer a whole universe of comfort. Also, if you wish, you can meet extraordinary women and men, who will be keen to let you know their environment and their passions.

Depending on the location, you can come, in a motorhome, or in a tent, to spend a night, or simply come by bike, for a picnic!

The nature

We are finally making nature accessible! Farmers provide locations in beautiful landscapes.

Alone in the world

You have the assurance of being alone, without any opposite. Far from the daily frenzy, you finally breathe! No contact is required.


No stress ! Whether you book well in advance or at the last moment, you are guided by GPS. You know where you're going with a free spirit.


Offer pretty little spots on your land, without service, without vis-à-vis and with a nice view.

  1. choose your sites
  2. post a free ad
  3. zero constraints, your visitors are autonomous
  4. receive additional income


You find in all serenity, a superb location just for you, in a wonderful nature.

  1. look at the locations around you
  2. select your favorite
  3. book even at the last minute
  4. you are guided


The entire Park and view community aims to revolutionize our access to nature, by opening up private spaces. Without its members, Park and View does not exist. This is why we adopt a collaborative and shared system.

BECOME A PIONEER TO "open nature"

Whether you are a motorhome, a farmer or just a nature lover

  1. find locations
  2. receive remuneration on rentals
  3. become owner of Park and view
  4. you act for the good of all and it pays off!

You know in advance the type of path (hard, earth, uneven). No bad surprises!

Not overlooked

All our pitches guarantee you a clear view. You're home !


No more daily frenzy ... Flora, fauna and you.

Magnificent view

You enjoy exceptional landscapes. Your decor changes with the seasons.


One click and you see the locations available on your route.

Instant booking

One click and it's reserved. No compulsory contact with the host!


You are guided by GPS to the precise location.

24/24 support

We are always there for you and you could benefit from contingency insurance.

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You have an invaluable treasure: access to nature. By sharing it, you will give immense pleasure to thousands of motorhomes, while benefiting from an additional income.