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February 3 2020

Welcome to the “local-world”!

We live in a globalized world, we understand that, we are harping on it!

Is it true ? Yes and no…

Certainly we tend to use the same phones, listen to the same songs, drink the same drinks…

On the other hand, we need less and less to use a boat or a plane to discover the world, just go to google earth or instagram…

So, yes, we are citizens of the world, but let's not forget that we pass physically, 95% of our life within a radius of 25 km. And yes, overall, our environment (I prefer the term environment) is a bubble in which is our home, our work, our friends and our resources.

We quickly understand how important this bubble is.

On this subject, we exchanged with Jean-Yves Pineau, director of the localos collective.

Here is a short summary of their concept and actions.

Their website welcomes us with “Welcome to the local-world! ".

On the road to creative and realistic utopia! Localos are aimed, beyond disciplines, sectors and fields, at all the forces present in a territory, having the will to be part of the ecological transition and to build local development approaches.

If now 75% of the population lives in the city, 4 out of 5 French people dream of living in the countryside. And rightly so: pollution, cost of living, stress, are all reasons to want to flee this urban atmosphere. Rural areas must confront this new rural exodus for life projects more in line with the local environment. Localos support these territories towards this transition which is increasingly ecological.

Localos were born from the desire to continue to explore local development in the light of ecological transition. In a different and necessarily sassy way.

The campaigns are so diverse that it would be very imprudent to draw up an unequivocal and general observation! However, the very strong changes that the countryside has undergone in the last 3 decades due to the globalization of trade and liberalism play, and this may seem paradoxical, in a positive way. Indeed, we have moved into the collective imagination, from old-fashioned “rural areas” and outdated by modernity, to flagship and emancipatory “campaigns”. Territories where you can make a success of your life (provided you can move around). Territories that are so many resources to successfully achieve the ecological transition. Cities and especially megacities, appear more and more as harsh, even hostile places, witnesses of an above-ground humanity and of a world doomed to failure (capitalism based on consumerism).

The Localos deploy a varied offer around strategic support, assistance with project management or, more original, assistance with use control, training, studies. But above all they wish to co-build with the actors of the territories (elected officials, socio-professionals, collectives, associations, etc.) original and innovative approaches, what we call experiments. It is a question of exploring new ways of engaging in the ecological transition via the economy, the social, the cultural and of course the local democracy of engagement!

Yes, the local can initiate and build a softer, more sustainable life!

Yes, the local can reinvent the world through intelligent cooperation where each cooperator finds a personal interest in the collective interest!

When we go to a Park and view location, the host does much more than provide a few square meters of nature, he receives us in his bubble in complete privacy.

Do not hesitate to meet him to enrich your knowledge of his environment and to share your own experience. Meetings and exchanges are the engine of positive change!

And do not hesitate to contact the Localos, to become an actor in your bubble!

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