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Welcome to the “local-world”!
Welcome to the “local-mon ...
We live in a globalized world, we understand that, we are harping on it! Is it true ? Yes ...
February 03, 2020 , 0
Reinventing the road trip alone, as a couple or as a family, that's the promise of NaïtUp, thanks to its tents to be fixed on the roof of your car!
Reinventing the road trip alone ...
Who has never dreamed of being able to go on a road trip unexpectedly and enjoy nature without constraint? Far ...
November 05, 2019 , 0
How to find cheap flights?
How to find flights not ...
How to find cheap flights? More and more of you are coming from far away to stay on ...
November 05, 2019 , 0
Interview with Chiara from
Interview with Chiara of Che ...
Interview with Grégoire from Park and view: "There is no need for much, the luxury of immersion ...
July 10, 2019 , 0
Long live the farmers!
Long live the farmers!
A video explains in seconds what Park and view brings to the agricultural world. Farmers feed the planet and shape this wonderful landscape that we are all proud of! On the other hand, very few of you derive tourism income from your land. I myself am the son of a farmer and I have always been astonished by the fact that 50% of the emerged lands belong to the agricultural world which derives less than 1% of the world tourist income!
February 01, 2019 , 0
In the heart of the Champagne vineyards, Benoit Marguet, with his two horses, Titan and Urban, by dint of patience and perseverance, has been able to shape an exceptional landscape. It only took him a minute to tell us: “Yes, I see a very nice location on my property”. We invite you to win a case of its wonderful champagne, produced in biodynamics, and to taste it while staying on its land. A location where you will be “alone in the world”, with a breathtaking view! To participate, click on the COMPETITION section of our Facebook page.
February 01, 2019 , 0