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How do I create a location?

You have an invaluable treasure: access to nature. By sharing it, you will give immense pleasure to thousands of people, while benefiting from an additional income.

What is a location?

It is just 15 m2 on the edge of a path, in a quiet location and with a nice view. It is up to you to decide if you want to receive there, motorhomes, tents, picnics ... You can thus create several locations. Your visitors are looking for beautiful landscapes in total immersion in nature.

Start by going around your property looking at the locations that may be suitable. Take the opportunity to take photos that will show the view they offer. Also ask yourself if the paths you take can be used by a motorhome.

The locations are by default, without any service and without any compulsory contact with the host.

Create your locations on Park and view

It's completely free and only takes a few minutes.

You indicate the sites on a map, give them a name and set the rental price yourself. It's very simple and we guide you through the creation process.

You generate income

You are notified of all reservations and automatically receive the rental amount.

You generate additional income without any investment and above all without any constraints!

The Park and view principle


How much does it make?

All of this will depend on the number of locations you offer
and their price. For example, if you offer 5 locations without
service, which bring you on average 10 € / 24H, with a rate
occupancy of 50 days / year, this generates more than 2.500 € / year. he
there is no generality, but what is certain is that without investing, nor
in time and money, you will be able to generate income
complementary. You have invaluable capital: access to
nature. Make it grow!

Should we offer services or equipment?

No, not at all, your motorhome customers are completely
autonomous. You just have to suggest a clean location,
stable, accessible and with a nice view. Then, for
improve your service and therefore your income, you can offer a
little extra comfort. For example, a shelter with a table
or chairs, or even a BBQ…

Do I have to offer my pitches all year round?

No, you decide. If for example you don't want
offer your pitches during the harvest or
hunting, you just have to indicate it in the calendar in a few clicks.

Can I offer local products?

Yes of course. We offer you the opportunity to let everyone know
community what products you offer. you will
free of charge constitute a beautiful showcase on the platform showing
your products. You can indicate the times and the places where they are
available. On the Park and view search card, your display case
will be visible in 1 click and will not fail to attract new ones
visitors. Of course, we take no commission on your

Is it free to publish on Park and View?

Yes, it's completely free!
The Park and view community will simply take a
15% commission (2 € minimum), between the price you paid
fixed and the one that will be offered to your visitors. . This commission will
allow us to set up insurance to protect you
as well as your customers, to pay all bank charges as well as
platform management fees.

Won't my visitors mess up everything?

As a rule, motorhomes always leave their place of
perfectly clean stay. They are equipped with trash. They dispose
their own WC and a tank for waste water.
If this was not the case, you or your next visitor
have the option to launch an alert that the location
is not clean. The Park and view community will contact your
visitor and can go so far as to banish him.

Do I have to be available to receive my visitors?

The principle of Park and view is that no contact is required
between the host and the visitor. You do not wish to be contacted, put
your status in red “no contact except emergency”. You will only
never contacted except important security problem. On the contrary, if
you are interested in meeting new faces from
different backgrounds, put your status in green “contact me when
you want".

How many locations can I offer?

It depends on the legislation which is different in each country. Through
example, in France, you can offer 6 locations that you
can rent each 90 days. This gives you great potential for
additional income.