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July 10, 2019

Interview with Chiara from

Interview with Grégoire from Park and view: “There is no need for much, the luxury of immersion in the great outdoors is already enough. "

Hello Grégoire, could you describe in a few words the birth of the Park and view project?

Park and viewwas born out of a double need. On the one hand, I am farmer's sonand I've always seen them farmers work in the fields, within their Livestock or theirexploitation. I also know that 65% of the French territory today belongs to farmers and that most of them derive no tourist income.

Farmers do not necessarily have the time, the knowledge and the means to launch a tourist activity. The agricultural worldis generally isolated. Contacts are much easier in the cities than in the countryside. However, the farmers need to find human contact as much as people in the city center.

On the other side, motorhomes in France today are around 500000, which makes it very difficult to find a place for everyone. Being very numerous, they are often crowded in parking lots, because it is unfortunately complicated today to find a location in full campaigns.

There is therefore a double problem:isolationand the farmers income(often less than 350 euros per month) and the need locationfor all those who wish to get away from the city to spend a few days in peace. It was therefore from these issues that the birth of Park and view !

How does your Park and view platform work?

Park and viewallows farmers to offer their locations for free on the Internet. It is enough to have 15m2 on the edge of a path for a single motorhome, quiet and not overlooked, to create your ad on our site. There is no need for much, the luxury of immersion in the great outdoors is already enough.

More in details, a farmer go on Park and view, he clicks on "submit a location", he positions his geographic cursor to the nearest meter and he chooses the name for his location. It should normally be a nice name, reminiscent of the place and that makes you want. Then, he adds some indications regarding the path, the type of motorhome that can get there and the price of the pitch and ... let's go!

On the client side, people who own, or want to rent, a motorhome (knowing that today in France 20% of the vehicles that we see on the roads are rented) can choose the quiet place which suits them best, among the places offered on the platform.

Just download the app to start your adventure. It is possible to reserve your pitch a few days before, as well as at the very last minute.

How is the first contact between farmers and tourists?

In principle, we want to make things as easy as possible. By default, no service and no contact is required. Imagine:farmerwho wants to get to know puts their profile in green. This means that he is available to exchange and tell his trade by making new acquaintances. At the same time, people who want to get even closer to the agricultural world and the trades that characterize it, will choose a location corresponding to the green profiles.

The application offers many other opportunities at the same time. For example, if a farmer wants to sell his own products he can display them on his online profile and then market them directly via the farm store.

The goal is really to get out of isolated mode to be able to communicate on these products.

Next, in terms of services, thefarmer can, according to its choice, offer services: barbecue, picnic basket with local products or just a table and chairs sheltered and quiet for a total immersion in nature.

What specifically characterizes your business model? How do you get paid?

To start we will take a € 1 commission on each rental. Our short-term goal is not to get rich but to be cheap to really allow people to benefit from a different service that can bring benefits to the lives of farmers and travelers.

The most important goal for us is to enable people agricultural worldto be able to take advantage of what they have and to share it, at the same time, with amateurs ofagriculture.

What are your main values ​​at Park and view?

The real added value of Park and viewis also to give the possibility to people who are in difficulty to have additional income. This idea is truly revolutionary.

Digital is good, but not everyone has access to digital. To fill this gap, we are looking for pioneers.

These are people who will sponsor people to find the locations and then help them create the location ad online.

Our pioneers become founding members as soon as they have successfully sponsored 25 locations. Our goal is to truly become a large collaborative and shared community.

How many are you working at Park and view?

We are 3: Lilly who takes care of communication, Damien who is our web developer and myself, founder of Park and view. Mobile apps are available and we already have many travelers enjoying beautiful locations every day!

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