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What is a location?

A site is the equivalent of a parking space on which a motorhome can park. That is to say, a flat ground, with a sufficiently hard ground so that there is no risk of getting stuck (15 or 20 m2 minimum). The location is usually on the edge of a non-busy path.

Next, what is important is:

for a single vehicle (no vis-à-vis, quiet, only mode in the world)

with a pretty clear view (not next to an agricultural building for example)

Community Park and view will validate your location. For this, the first 2 visits are free. If you get a minimum rating of 3 stars, your pitch is validated and you start to receive rental income.

How much does it make?

All this will depend on the number of sites you offer and their price. For example, if you offer 5 sites, which earn you an average of € 10/24 hours, with an occupancy rate of 50 days / year, this brings you € 2.500 / year. There is no generality, but what is certain is that without investing, neither in time nor in money, you will be able to generate additional income. You have an invaluable capital: access to nature. Make it grow!

Should we offer services or equipment?

There is no obligation, your motorhome customers are completely independent. You just have to offer a clean, stable, accessible location with a nice view. In a second step, to improve your service and therefore your income, you can offer a little extra comfort. For example, a shelter with a table and chairs, or even a BBQ…

How am I taxed on my income?

Depending on your country, the tax authorities can tax you in different ways. We give you information for France, for information.

The rental of a site on bare land is a purely civil act whose profits fall into the category of micro-land income (as long as they do not exceed 15 euros). On your tax return sheet, you can indicate the amount of your income Park and view in the case 4BE : Micro-Land (picture below) :

you will automatically benefit from a reduction of 30% for charges. In other words alone 70% of this income will be subject to income tax and social security contributions (CSG, CRDS....). The costs and charges incurred for the rental of one or more pitches may be subject to a 30% reduction.

Do I have to offer my pitches all year round?

No, you decide. If for example you do not want to offer your locations during the harvest or the hunting season, you just have to indicate it in the calendar in a few clicks.

Can I offer local products?

Yes of course. We offer you the opportunity to let the whole community know what products you offer. You just have to indicate it in the description of your location. Do not forget to indicate your schedules if you have them and why not add photos to them. Of course, we take no commission on your trade.

Do I have to pay a tourist tax?

It will depend on your country and locality. It is best to check with your local administration. For France, some municipalities do ask to pay a tourist tax (if your pitch is chargeable). To find out if you are affected, you can look here:

The front last line of the table “Campsites and caravan sites classified in 1 and 2 stars etc” indicates the amount per person. In general, € 0,20. Children under 13 do not pay.

Since we are not payment intermediaries (payment is made directly from the traveler to the host.), we cannot collect the tourist tax for you. However, we are actively working to find a solution to simplify your life.

Is it free to publish on Park and View?

It is completely free to post an ad on Park and view.

We will simply take a commission allowing us to support our community. (bank transaction fees, costs of platform etc.)

The price you offer when creating a placement is net traveler. We tell you the amount you receive in the pricing page. The commissions Park and view are the following :

Won't my visitors mess up everything?

As a rule, motorhomes always leave their place of stay perfectly clean. They are equipped with trash. They have their own WC and a tank for waste water. If this is not the case, you or your next traveler can tell us that the location is not clean. The Park and view community will contact your visitor and may even ban them.

Do I have to be available to receive my visitors?

The principle of Park and view is that no contact is compulsory between the host and the traveler. You do not wish to be contacted? put your status in red “no contact except emergency”. You will never be contacted unless there is a significant security issue. On the contrary, if you are interested in meeting new faces from different backgrounds, put your status in green “contact me when you want”.

How many locations can I offer?

It depends on the legislation which is different in each country. For example, in France, you can offer 6 locations that you can rent each 90 days a year. This offers you great potential for additional income.

Should we be insured?

Yes, it is mandatory that your land be insured, at least by civil liability.

So, for example, if a tree fell on a vehicle, you will be insured.

We strongly recommend that you contact your insurer to let them know that you are going to receive motorhomes on your land.
We are currently developing a complementary insurance system, which we will soon be offering you.

Do I have to declare my activity?

Each country has its own legislation regarding this activity.

For France, a simple declaration in town hall is enough, si :

you do not offer more than 6 locations (no more than 20 travelers at the same time).
you do not rent each of these sites for more than 90 days / year.
This is called “declared land”.

The legislation requires at least 1 water point, 1 toilet and a sink. They are present because they are integrated into the motorhome.

Please note, you cannot offer a location on this type of land:
sea ​​shore
classified and protected site
wood and forests at risk of fire
within 200 m of water points used for consumption
in national and regional parks
in the places indicated by a “camping prohibited” sign

For the other countries, we study the legislation on a case by case basis. Do not hesitate to share your experience with us.

I am a farmer, can I offer pitches?

For France, yes, it is entirely possible.

The tenant of a rural lease (the farmer) has the possibility to sublet an undeveloped plot for camping use (article L. 411-35 of the rural code).

However, this subletting is subject to the agreement of the lessor, or in case of disagreement, to the authorization of the joint tribunal of rural leases.

We are studying this specific point for other countries.

Who can come to a site?

It is the owner who chooses who can choose who can come to his site. Campers, tents or picnics. You will see who can come on the location card, it is indicated!

How much does it cost ?

Access to our website and our applications is completely free. The price indicated for a pitch is the price you will pay. This amount will go to the host after deduction of management fees and any tourist tax.

Am I guaranteed to be alone?

Yes, absolutely! This is the very principle of Park and View. We only offer locations where you will be alone and without any vis-à-vis.

Can we book the same day?

Yes. We have done everything so that you can keep your total freedom of movement. You can book at the very last moment. If you book less than 6 days in advance, it is possible to select the location for the half-day (noon: 10 a.m. to 16 p.m. or evening: 16 p.m. to 10 a.m. the next morning)

Should we be insured?

Yes, it is very important that your vehicle and its passengers are insured. Make sure your vehicle insurance is up to date. As far as you and your passengers are concerned, make sure that you are well covered, at least by civil liability.

We are working on a complementary insurance project that we will offer you soon.

Can I access with my motorhome?

Each location indicates what type of motorhome it can accommodate (length, height and width).

We also tell you what the access path is (hard, earth or uneven). You can indicate the dimensions of your vehicle in the search filters. No bad surprise when you arrive on the scene!

Is it possible to contact the host?

It will depend on his status. Just like you, the host will be able to choose between 3 different statuses. Available, little available or unavailable. This
contact rule will allow you, or not to contact or to be contacted by the host.

Can we cancel the reservation?

You can cancel free of charge at least 48 hours in advance. If you cancel less than 48 hours before the start of the stay, the pitch is given as available. There are then 3 possibilities:
- fully reimbursed if re-let over the entire period.
- partially reimbursed if it is re-let for part of the period.
- not reimbursed if not re-let.

How to do without WC?

If you do not have your own WC, 2 solutions are available to you:

dig, push cover (you need a shovel.).

wrap the big commission and toilet paper in a bag.

Here is a link giving you all the details:

We count on you not to have to send you an unpleasant message after your stay… Thank you!

How to become a Pioneer?

It's completely free. you just need to create an account on
Then, if a placement is created by mentioning that you are a sponsor, it automatically credits you with a placement. Just fill in your email in the "sponsor" box.

What is founder status?

When you have sponsored at least 25 placements, you reach the status of founder. Of course, you keep all the advantages of a Pioneer and Explorer member, but in addition, you will become the owner of Park and view! You receive a Token from the Park and view blockchain for each location created (if it has been validated and is a paid location). During the valuation of Park and view, your tokens will be automatically transformed into shares.

Is it possible to have training or advice?

Of course, we are here to guide and help you. Contact us directly. We would be happy to share our experience with you and give you the keys to success. When we pass in your area, we suggest you go with you, canvass landowners, to offer them to create locations. We are a community for which mutual aid is valued.

What does explorer status bring?

When you have created at least 5 locations, you become an explorer. You keep all the achievements of the pioneer status and in addition, each location of which you are a sponsor allows you to generate income. You receive € 0,20 / 24 hours rental. Do the math, it can easily earn you several thousand euros every year without doing anything!

Can I sponsor placements at home?

No, for a location to be counted in your Pioneer account, it must not be on your property. If you are sponsoring a cousin or a friend, no problem!

Can I have a support to present the principle?

Yes, absolutely, here is a recto / verso PDF which presents the principle.

Do not hesitate to contact us if you wish to develop it.

download: here