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March 26, 2019

Pioneer, the new Eldorado!

Miniature pioneer youtube
Save you 50.000 € or more? This is our goal!
Our community has made it its mission to become the world leader in the rental of outdoor locations.
For this, we have created a collaborative and shared platform. This means that we are proposing to our community to collaborate in the success of the project and share the result.
Our members estimate that we will be able to offer 100.000 locations worldwide by the end of 2020.
Once this first objective has been reached, the valuation of Park and view will be € 25 million.
We will then open 25% of our capital in the form of STOs. For this, we are creating the “PARK” token based on the Ethereum ERC-1404 blockchain. Our Pioneer members who have sponsored more than 25 locations will then become founding members. The experts who accompany us estimate that each sponsored site can bring in 400 €.
Concretely, a Pioneer who has approached 25 farmers, each creating 5 locations, will be offered € 50.000 in Park and view shares…
Adventure only makes sense if it is shared!
Do you want to be part of the revolution?
You just have to canvass landowners and ask them to register your email as a sponsor, when creating the site.
As soon as the location has been validated and becomes chargeable, your counter will start to run!
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