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How to reserve a pitch?

Whether it is to spend the night with your motorhome, pitch your tent or picnic, live a unique experience, even when booking at the very last minute!

Open the search page

On the website or on the parkandview mobile application, simply open the search card which will automatically suggest locations in the desired geographic area.

Indicate the date you wish to reserve. If you book less than 6 days before the date of your stay, you can rent the pitches for half a day (midday or evening).

You can select other filters concerning equipment, services, etc.

Park and view only offers spaces for one vehicle. You are guaranteed to be alone and without vis-à-vis with a magnificent view!
The majority of our pitches do not offer any service and no compulsory contact with the host. It is as if you were camping "wild", with all the authorizations and guarantees!

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Select and book

When you've found the location that's right for you. Just book it (it can be done at the very last minute). We will ask you to create a customer account if this is not done. If the site is chargeable, we ask you for a secure payment by credit card.

Your reservation appears in "my trips". You can thus prepare your whole route.

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Let yourself be guided

As soon as you want to be guided to the location, you just need to open "my trips". Select the desired location, you will be automatically guided. We also give you the precise coordinates of the site that you can enter in your GPS. You do not need an internet connection, the location card is saved on your smartphone.

Once you have enjoyed the place, do not hesitate to leave your comments for other members of the community!

The Park and view principle


How much does it cost ?

Access to our website and our applications is completely free.
The price indicated for a pitch is the price you will pay.
This amount will go to the host after deduction of management fees and any tourist tax.

Am I guaranteed to be alone?

Yes, absolutely! This is the very principle of Park and View. We only offer locations where you will be alone and without any vis-à-vis.

Can we book the same day?

Yes. We have done everything so that you can keep your total freedom of movement. You can book at the very last moment. If you
book less than 6 days in advance, it is possible to select the location for half a day (noon: 10 a.m. to 16 p.m. or evening: 16 p.m. to 10 a.m. the next morning)

Can I offer local products?

Yes of course. We offer you the opportunity to let everyone know
community what products you offer. you will
free of charge constitute a beautiful showcase on the platform showing
your products. You can indicate the times and the places where they are
available. On the Park and view search card, your display case
will be visible in 1 click and will not fail to attract new ones
visitors. Of course, we take no commission on your

Can I access with my motorhome?

Each location indicates what type of motorhome it can accommodate (length, height and width).

We also tell you what the access path is (hard, earth or uneven). You can indicate the dimensions of your vehicle in the
search filters. No bad surprise when you arrive on the scene!

Is it possible to contact the host?

It will depend on his status. Just like you, the host will be able to choose between 3 different statuses. Available, little available or unavailable. This
contact rule will allow you, or not to contact or to be contacted by the host.

Can we cancel the reservation?

You can cancel free of charge at least 48 hours in advance. If you cancel less than 48 hours before the start of the stay, the pitch is given as available. There are then 3 possibilities:
- fully reimbursed if re-let over the entire period.
- partially reimbursed if it is re-let for part of the period.
- not reimbursed if not re-let.

How many locations can I offer?

It depends on the legislation which is different in each country. Through
example, in France, you can offer 6 locations that you
can rent each 90 days. This gives you great potential for
additional income.

5 golden rules

We are a self-managed community. This means that everyone is responsible for their actions. This is why we ask you to strictly follow 5 golden rules to the delight of everyone!

Leave the location and its surroundings in perfect condition.
Collect all your trash in trash bags and take them with you. If you had to go into the wild to do your business, do the same (use a small plastic bag to assemble everything). If you find the site in a poor state of cleanliness, please report it to us. We will get in touch with the previous traveler.

Respect the place.
Nature is fragile, take care of it. You have the privilege of being in a magnificent setting. Respect the flora and fauna. We count on you not to drive off the paths. You could damage the ground and also get bogged down.

Respect your host
If your host has indicated that he does not want to be disturbed because he already has a very busy job, do not disturb him in his work but if you come across him, a little hello will make him happy. Look at the rules of your location and follow them to the letter.

Park only on your site
Your location is precisely delimited for your safety. Do not park outside or obstruct traffic lanes.

Share your experience
Like you, the whole community wants to have the best possible description of the locations. Please leave your comments and photos after your visit!