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Terms and conditions

(Last update: March 12, 2019)


Article 1 - Scope and definitions

Park and view SASU provides an online platform connecting
hosts with land and travelers wishing to rent this type of land
(hereinafter, collectively, the "Services").
These services are available on (hereinafter, the "Site").
These General Conditions of Use (hereinafter the "CGU") govern
use of the Site and mobile applications and access by users or simple
visitors to the Services offered on the Site.
The Site and the Services constitute an online platform on which the hosts (hereinafter the "Hosts") can create and publish announcements (hereinafter the "Announcements")
to offer their land for rental (hereinafter the "Pitches"), that the
travelers (hereinafter the "Travelers") can consult for information
or reserve the said Pitches directly with the Hosts.
"Member" means any person who creates an account on Park and view.
"Host" means a Member creating an Ad offering the rental of his
Location through the Site.
"Traveler" means a Member who requests to book with a Host a
Location via the Site.
"Location" means any private plot of which the Host has full
"Announcement" means a Pitch offered for rental by a Host through
of the site.
"Content" means any text, graphics, images, music, software, video,
information or other items.
"Member Content" means any Content that Members post,
download, publish in their Ad or profile.
The users according to these T & Cs are natural and legal persons who have
registered and whose registration has been confirmed by Park and view SASU. By registering
on the Site or by using the Services, the user fully and unreservedly subscribes
to these Terms.
The current version of the CGU is available at any time and with free access on the
Park and view SASU reserves the right, in its sole discretion, to modify the Site or
the Services or modify these T & Cs, including the costs of the Service, at any
moment and without notice.
Any modification of these T & Cs will be published on the Site or a notification by
change will be sent to Members (defined below). The date of the "Last
update ”indicated at the top of these T & Cs will be updated. All access or
use of the Site after updating these T & Cs on the Site or after sending
of a notification of modification will imply acceptance of the modified T & Cs. In
in case of refusal of the modified CGU, the only remedy will be to stop using the Site and the
Any unsubscription will take effect at the end of the last service, for any
reservation request or acceptance made before the date of update of the T & Cs.
Park and view SASU does not offer Pitches, but is only
intermediary for concluding contracts between Hosts and Travelers, it
therefore accepts no offers. Rental contracts are made exclusively
between the Host, owner or tenant of the site having previously received
the authorization of its owner for a sublet and the Traveler. Park and view
SASU is not a party to rental contracts concluded between users
of the site. Hosts and Travelers are therefore themselves responsible
exclusively for the fulfillment of contractual obligations between these parties. Park
and view SASU records and transmits the coordinates of the two for this purpose
contractors. In these circumstances, the Offers and Contents published by the Hosts, the
Travelers and other users on the platform are not controlled by Park and
view SASU as to their accuracy, legitimacy and completeness and do not reflect
in no case the opinion of Park and view SASU.

Article 2 - User services

The Site is freely accessible to any Internet user with a configuration
up-to-date, standard hardware and software computing and a high Internet connection
debit. Thanks to an adaptive interface (responsive web design) which adapts
depending on your screen, the Site is accessible from all types of screens, whether
a smartphone, a computer, a netbook, a tablet, a mobile phone, a
Connected TV, a game console.

The Site and the Services are only intended for people aged 18 or over
more, and having the capacity to perform legal acts.

User registration and registration on is free and
requires that he has previously accepted the said T & Cs.
Member status is acquired by opening a user account
(hereinafter the "Account") in accordance with the indications of the Site and in particular by the
online form completion. The user can also register by
connecting to their account opened with certain third-party social networking sites, via
the Site. When registering, the user must truthfully complete the
obligatory fields appearing in the registration form, in particular his name
and first name, as well as a valid email address. The user then chooses a word of
The user contract between Park and view SASU and the user is concluded at
receipt of registration confirmation to the email address provided by the user.

User commitments
The user is solely responsible for the Content that he deposits on the platform. he
undertakes vis-à-vis Park and view SASU not to file illegal content or to
take actions against the law. The Host is responsible for the description
of the Location and the services it offers. To do this, he must fill in the fields
designated compulsory by Park and view SASU to allow Travelers to
know the essential characteristics of the Site and the offer. he can
provide additional information in its Announcement.

The user agrees:
• not to transfer their Account to a third party or another user and not to transmit
in no case his password,
• update all of their data by logging into their Account,
• to have only one Account on the Site,
• to use this Account only for personal use, all acts performed under their
Account being considered to have been made by itself.
Park and view SASU is in no way responsible for identity theft
and invites its users to inform it if necessary. Park and view SASU would then
authorized to lock the Account for verification.
Each user must verify the identity of the other contracting party himself. Park
and view SASU does not guarantee the accuracy of user details
deposited on the Site.
In the installation of their systems and programs concerning the use of the offer
of Park and view SASU, users must not hinder security, integrity
nor the availability of the systems used by Park and view SASU to ensure its
Services. Users must not modify, block or transcribe the content
generated by Park and view SASU, or interfere with the offer of Park and view SASU of any
way. Park and view SASU is authorized to take all necessary measures
to ensure the integrity of the Park and view SASU or third party systems.
Users must not use addresses, contact details and email addresses
obtained through the use of the Website for any reason other than the conclusion
of the rental contract. In particular, it is prohibited to transmit this data to
unauthorized persons or use them for sending advertising, unless
the user concerned has not expressly authorized it in advance. Just like everything
spamming or similar behavior towards other users or third parties is prohibited.
Users agree not to contact a Host for any purpose other than their own
ask a question about a reservation or Ads from this Host. The users
agree not to contact a Traveler for any purpose other than to ask them a
question about a reservation or its use of the Site. The users are not
authorized to invite any Host or other Member to use third-party services or websites
competitors of those of Park and view SASU, without the prior written authorization of
Park and view SASU.
In the event of user violation of these T & Cs, Park and view SASU may exclude
the user concerned with the use of the Service or delete the content used by
this one. Park and view SASU will assert its duly justified rights in court
action for cessation and damages.
Use of content and rights
Users ensure that the content published does not violate the laws and
legal regulations in force or public decency and the rights of third parties (rights
names, personality rights, copyright, rights relating to the protection of
data, etc.). The user also agrees not to show content
pornographic, condoning violence, racism or any act
objectionable. The same goes for sending emails and other email tools.
electronic communication of the Site. Users forward to Park and view
SASU a right of free, irrevocable, unlimited, sublicensable and
geographically unlimited on the Content (texts and images) they publish. The right
terms of use includes the right to modify multimedia content as well
than making them available in the public domain, in print or
electronic, including broadcasting on any receiving device authorizing
online access, especially computers, smartphones, tablets and devices
comparable. User rights also include the right to embed content
multimedia, including advertising media, on partner websites
Park and view SASU contract staff. Content offered via Park and view SASU
are protected by copyright. Access to the Site and its use takes place in a way
regular and individual by a natural person via a web browser. All
job whose objective does not fall under the simple indexing of the Contents, but of the
Mass consultation and registration of Site Content is prohibited. Park
and view SASU is authorized, in case of violation of the prohibitions and the directives of these
CGU, to refuse, delete and block immediately the contents as well as the
pages and references to pages. The user can no longer claim the
re-establishment of its contents on, or an unlocking of its profile
Park and view SASU reserves the right, at any time and without notice, to withdraw any
content, in its sole discretion, if Park and view SASU considers this content to be
questionable for any reason, contrary to these Terms or prejudicial to the
Site and Services.

Duration and termination
The user contract is concluded for an indefinite period. User can
terminate the user agreement at any time without notice in writing or by email. The
the user's existing or negotiated rental contracts with others
users are not affected by termination of the user agreement. The same
thing applies for processing fee payment claims already
Park and view SASU may terminate the user contract on a regular basis to any
moment by observing a two-week notice, in particular if:
• the user does not fully or partially fulfill an obligation to
payment whatever it is despite a reminder with a fixed deadline
• the user does not comply with these GTC, and despite a reminder with a
set deadline, does not take necessary measures to correct their profile and / or
published content,
• requirements of the law, a court or an administration indicate that
use of the Site can no longer be offered in this form,
• Park and view SASU deletes the Site or its commercial activity.
Profile creation
The subscription of a Service by a Member requires the registration of a profile which
allows the aggregation of personal information necessary for the execution of the Services
and / or services, to publish an Ad, to indicate the level of the evaluations of which
benefited the Member and access the internal messaging of the Site so that
Members can communicate with each other.

Ad creation
Any Member can create and publish one or more Ads on the Site to
benefit from the Services of Park and view SASU for the reservation of his
Location by another Member. To create an Ad, the Host must complete
a form on the Site concerned and in particular fill in the information
marked as mandatory, such as the location of the Site, at
minimum a photograph of the places, the characteristics and the availability as well as
the price and the related financial conditions. To be able to appear among the Ads
on the Site, Pitches must have a valid physical address. Others
Members will thus be able to reserve a Pitch via the Site, according to
information mentioned in the corresponding Announcement. The Host understands and
accepts the following: as soon as a Traveler makes a reservation request for
his Location, the Host can no longer ask the Traveler to pay a price
higher than that indicated in the reservation request. The Host recognizes and accepts
be solely responsible for all Ads and Content it publishes. In
consequence the Host declares and guarantees that any Ad he publishes or any stay
of a Traveler on his Site being advertised does not violate any
agreement with third parties and complies with all applicable laws (such as
town planning laws in particular), rules and regulations which may apply to
any outdoor accommodation or parking subject to an Announcement and
tax obligations. Park and view SASU excludes all responsibility for the
compliance by the Host with any agreement or obligation concluded with third parties, as well as
applicable laws, rules and regulations.
Park and view SASU formally requests the Hosts to take out insurance
adapted for the services they offer and carefully read any policy
insurance taken out for housing and its outbuildings as well as all of
agricultural land and in particular to ensure that it is aware of and
understand any exceptions and any deductible it contains. The Host understands
and accepts that Park and view SASU does not act as insurer or agent
contract on his behalf. Any agreement made between a Traveler who has made a
reservation request for a Pitch and staying there and its Host, does not engage
that the Host and said Traveler, Park and view SASU not being a party to it. The
travelers, for their part, must also take out insurance covering their vehicle,
its occupants and the damage that the vehicle or its occupants could cause to
others and in particular the Host or his property.
The Host expressly undertakes not to include or distribute references on the Site
to other sites whose activities are concurrent with or related to the Services,
referrals to personal pages or other sites.
In the absence of compliance with the provisions, Park and view SASU may, if necessary
delete the Member's Account under the conditions set out above.

Article 3 - Reservation procedure, method of payment
and billing

By placing an Ad on the Park and view SASU website, the Host invites the delivery
a Location for hire.
The selection of an Ad is made by filling in search criteria
appearing on the Site. Members have a set of filters to
best target their search for Locations. Any Reservation Request
of an Announcement (hereinafter the “Reservation Request”) is made in accordance with the
Site reservation procedure.
A Traveler Member can view the description of a selected Ad, the
envisaged reservation dates, the price requested by the Host for the stay and the
amount of the Service Fee (hereinafter the “Service Fee”) invoiced by Park and
view SASU.
The hosts may, depending on the nature of their activity, have different obligations
concerning the collection of VAT. The prices displayed always include French VAT
applicable. VAT and tax rules must correspond to the country in which
locates the Location.
The Service Fees are made up of a fixed amount of € 2 including tax up to an amount
€ 13 net Traveler, then a variable part of 15% including tax from an amount
over € 13 net Traveler.
Park and view SASU is authorized to modify the amount of the Fees at any time
Service. This does not apply to rental contracts already concluded. If the amounts
commissions are modified by Park and view SASU, Members are notified
beforehand by email before their entry into force on the Site. If the Member refuses
the modification of commissions, registration on the Site is terminated.
The modified commissions are opposable to the rental contracts concluded
By clicking on the link provided for this purpose, a Traveler can directly book
instantly a Location with a Host. No prior request is
necessary. The Host must first ensure that he can provide rental at the
asked date. He can, if necessary, exclude closing his Pitch on dates
determined in his calendar. When a Rental is booked by a Traveler,
the Host receives the information of this rental by Email, message in their customer area
on and possibly no SMS. Any reservation made by a
traveler is only valid if payment is made simultaneously.
Payment will be made exclusively online on the Site and by bank card or
Paypal payment and see by payment in cryptocurrency. . For any payment by
bank card, Park and view SASU has a secure payment system
implemented by the company Stripe. This payment protocol is recognized in the
worldwide for the protection of data transmitted over the Internet. The members
using the payment system acknowledge accepting Terms and conditions
of use of the STRIPE payment platform. In no case Park and view SASU
does not have access to the confidential banking data of Members, which are
encrypted before sending to the payment server of the banking establishment.
As soon as the payment authorization is accepted, Park and view SASU notifies the parties
contracting parties by sending an email confirming the conclusion of the contract. She
then communicates to the parties the data necessary for the formalization of the contract:
the duration of the rental contract, the date on which it takes effect, the identity of the parties
and the total price made up of the rental price as well as the Park Service Fee
and view SASU. On the basis of these elements, the rental contract is concluded.
The Traveler and the Host have in their online Park and view area, a
detailed summary of all the Services subscribed. Park and view SASU will issue
an invoice for the Service Fees which it has invoiced to the Traveler, in accordance with
legal requirements applicable to it. The traveler who wishes to obtain a
invoice for the rental of a Pitch must contact the host directly.
The Traveler charges Park and view SASU as soon as the reservation is made, to pay
the amount of the rental to the Host. This rent is reduced by the Service Fee before
be paid to Park and view SASU. Payment to the Host will be made within a period
minimum of 3 days and a maximum delay of 30 days.
The Host is solely responsible for the regular payment of income taxes from
its rentals.
The Host must be able to allow free access to the location for the Traveler
at the period agreed by the rental contract. It is up to the Host to respect
the elements mentioned in its Announcement (Location, Services, Activities etc.).
Members are prohibited from bypassing the booking and payment steps
mentioned above, in particular the Service Fees for Park and view SASU.

Article 4 - Cancellation and refund conditions

Once the reservation is validated, the cancellation conditions defined cannot be
modified neither by the Host nor by the Traveler. They have the option to cancel the
reservation, at the latest, forty-eight (48) hours before the defined day of arrival. If the
traveler cancels his reservation less than 48 hours in advance, three cases are possible.
- The pitch is returned to the rental and is again reserved by another
traveler over the period. So the traveler who canceled his reservation is totally
- The pitch is returned to the rental and is again reserved by another
traveler for part of the period. Then the traveler having canceled his reservation
is partially reimbursed.
- The site is returned to the rental and is not re-booked during the period.
Then the traveler is not reimbursed.
The cancellation of a reservation for the Traveler and the Host is made by activation
the link "cancel reservation" accessible in the Park and view area online,
"My trips" or "My reservations" section respectively.
In case of interruption during the rental, or no show, the Traveler
cannot claim any refund.
If the Location has not been given to him in accordance with the rental contract, the
Traveler has the right to request a refund of the rent. In this case
request must be sent as soon as possible by email to, accompanied by a justification. Claims
must be sent immediately to the Host so that he can be in
able to provide a solution on the one hand, and on the other hand to Park and view SASU, and
this, at the latest within twenty-four (24) hours of the occurrence of the problem.
Beyond this deadline, Park and view SASU cannot guarantee the optimal treatment of
these claims. A refund request is only confirmed by
return email from Park and view SASU.
In the event of repeated, abusive or unjustified cancellations, Park and view SASU will
reserves the right to cancel the Host or the Traveler from the Site, without notice.

Article 5 - Evaluation system

Park and view SASU provides Members with a tool to assess their
allowing mutual evaluation after performance of the contract. Evaluations
aim to inform Members of the level of trust that is granted to users.
These assessments are not previously checked by Park and view SASU. The
Members undertake:
• to give exclusively truthful, objective indications, strictly in
link with the performance of the contract,
• not to infringe the rights of third parties, in particular the rights of
• to make no vulgar, obscene, racist or insulting remarks
within the meaning of criminal law,
• not to enter personal information, such as a name,
an e-mail or postal address, a telephone number,
• to inform Park and view SASU in case of non-compliance with the above laws
by another Member by writing to the address:
Once published, reviews can no longer be changed. They are lasting
saved in a Member's evaluation profile and can be viewed by
all other Members. Park and view SASU reserves the right to add
clarifications to an opinion if they are deemed necessary for a better understanding
of it. Park and view SASU publishes a notice in place of a Traveler only
in the event that the Host has canceled a reservation. If a user comes to use
abusive assessments, then Park and view SASU is exceptionally authorized to
withdraw the assessment.
Park and view SASU can block a Member's account when:
• the Member has repeatedly received in the evaluation system
negative assessments and when blocking is necessary in order to preserve the
interests of other Members,
• the Member seriously damages other Members, in particular by
damaging their property, destroying it, stealing it, etc.
If Park and view SASU permanently blocks a user's access to their account, this
the latter has no right to reopen his account. The user no longer has the right to use
of the Site, or to re-register.

Article 6 - Availability and modification of the Site

Park and view SASU makes every effort to offer a Service also free of breakdowns
as possible and develop it according to user needs.
However Park and view SASU may temporarily limit use when this
is necessary in view of security, integrity, capacity limitations or for
execution of technical measures (maintenance work).
Article 7 - Responsibility for the Park and view SASU site
Park and view SASU hosts Ads and messages published by
users. Park and view SASU only intervenes as a technical intermediary
meeting the requirements of article 6-I-2 of the Law for Confidence in the Economy
Digital from June 21, 2004. Park and view SASU's responsibility towards
third party can only be engaged after being notified of the illegal nature of the Content
posted on the Site. This is what will lead Park and view SASU, upon simple notification
made under the terms of article 6.I-5 of this law, to proceed on its own and by
authority to remove the corresponding files. Park and view's responsibility
SASU vis-à-vis users can only be engaged in the event of non-performance of its
commitments resulting from the T & Cs. Users are fully informed of
simple role of intermediary of Park and view SASU which connects the Hosts and
The travellers. Park and view SASU cannot in any case be held responsible
rental conditions offered directly by the Hosts as provided in
the T & Cs which concern them directly as well as in the event of violation of the provisions
applicable laws and regulations. The Host remains solely responsible for the obligation
to inform Travelers of the details relating to the rental of their Pitch. It is
solely responsible for the description of the rental conditions in the online advertisement
that he offers. Park and view SASU cannot be held responsible for the loss
of data entered in the spaces reserved for users, in particular those
relating to the Content which is published through the platform. The users
are fully aware of the guarantees and limitations of liability
above, essential conditions without which Park and view SASU would never have
contracted. Park and view SASU does not intervene in the conclusion of the contract
rental between the Host and the Traveler. Consequently, no control is exercised
on the quality, safety or lawfulness of the rental offered via the Site.

Article 8 - Confidentiality policy

The protection of users' personal data is our priority. We
comply with French and European data protection laws in the
collection, processing and use of personal data. Information
personal data provided to us by users are voluntarily used in
as part of our Services.
To do this we use persistent cookies which remain on the disk of
the user's computer once his browser is closed: this simplifies our services
personalization and registration during subsequent visits to our Site. The
For example, cookies can store what the user has selected. The user
can still manually delete persistent cookies.
We also use session cookies, which only last for the duration of the
browsing session: once the user leaves the Site, this cookie is deleted.
The data from these cookies allows us to analyze the modes of use
and the architecture of the Site. They allow us to continuously improve our
Services, their Content, as well as personalization and navigation on the Site. The
data is collected and stored for marketing and optimization purposes at
using a so-called "tracking" tool on the Site. An anonymous user profile is
created from recorded data. The user can object to
the collection and storage of its data. We will not use these tracking tools
to secretly collect personal data about the user, nor for
transmit this data to third parties and marketing platforms, or
to link data with personal data (name, address, etc.) without
express consent of the user.
The user expressly recognizes and accepts that some of his data
personal data collected by Park and view SASU for the management of its Ad and
the execution of the relevant Reservations, shall be communicated to Travelers, after
either concluded a rental contract. This is some data such as names,
first names, precise location of the Site and telephone contact details,
the notable exception of bank data which is never shared.
Park and view SASU ensures strict compliance with the provisions of the Data Protection Act and
Freedoms and entitles any user, in accordance with article 34 of this Law to
access, modification, rectification and deletion of data concerning him
by sending an email to or a postal letter to
the following address: Park and view SASU - Data protection service
personal information - Le Bois de Céré, 36130 COINGS - FRANCE.
Article 9 - Attribution of jurisdiction - Applicable law
These T & Cs are governed by French law.
Any complaint must be addressed within fifteen (15) days maximum
after the execution or the scheduled date of execution of the Service subscribed by the Customer to
the following address: Park and view SASU - Le Bois de Céré, 36130 COINGS - FRANCE.
Any dispute that may arise during the performance or interpretation of
these T & Cs, failing having previously been the subject of an amicable settlement
between the parties, must be submitted to the competent courts of the place of the seat of the