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February 1 2019

Long live the farmers!

A video explains in a few seconds what Park and view brings to the agricultural world.
Farmers feed the planet and shape this wonderful landscape of which we are all proud. On the other hand, very few of you get tourism income from your land. I myself am the son of a farmer and I have always been amazed by the fact that 50% of the emerged land belongs to the agricultural world which draws less than 1% of world tourist income!
We are a community of farmers and nature lovers.

Our solution:

farmers offer locations on their land.

  • without investment (a nice corner on the edge of a path)
  • without service (just nature)
  • not overlooked
  • with a nice view
  • No contact is required between the host and the traveler


  • additional income for farmers
  • immersion in nature for travelers
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